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Earthquake preparedness

Collecting water from your cylinder after an earthquake

1. Turn off your electricity before touching any pipes. It also lessens the risk of a fire from the element burning out if you empty the cylinder.
2. Turn off your water at the toby. This will stop any contaminated water from broken pipes on the street getting into your plumbing. Find your toby-box now, it’s usually out by the street and is often in line with a white mark painted on the kerb. If you can see damage to the pipeline between the toby-box and your plumbing system, clamp the pipe with a G-clamp, or a set of vice-grips. Or you can bend the pipe 180 degrees to stop the leak.

Getting water out of your MAINS PRESSURE hot water cylinder

1. Isolate incoming water to the cylinder at isolation valve
2. Open temperature/pressure relief valve lever on top of cylinder
3. Open drain valve at base of cylinder into suitable container

Getting water out of your LOW PRESSURE hot water cylinder

1. Open the drain valve at the base of your cylinder

Know where your toby box and mains power switches are, and what your hot water configuration is before an emergency
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