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Appliance Servicing

If you have gas appliances, it is a good idea to have them serviced at least annually.  Just as your car requires a warrant of fitness and a once-over at the mechanic each year, so too does your gas heater, instantaneous waterheater, gas powered hot water cylinder, hob, or central heating system.

Servicing these appliances ensures all the internal parts are checked for continued safe operation, and dust build up is eliminated to ensure a healthy living environment.

Applying this 'warrant of fitness' methodology will extend the life of your appliances and ensure you and your family are not unnecessarily exposed to fumes or dust, and your appliance(s) continue to run efficiently.

When you engage Straight Flush to service your appliances we can also check the entire installation for soundness and report our findings back to you.  We will hold information that we gather about your appliance(s) on our database to save time on any future enquiries you may have, and send a reminder out to you each year.

Our friendly team of gasfitting professionals are more than happy to answer any questions you may have - all of them are also qualified plumbers, so ask away!

Please call us on (04) 97 FLUSH or (04) 973 5874 for all your gas servicing requirements.
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